Lee Sung Kyung photographed by Shin Hye Rim, 2014

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Timestamp: 1408096822

kirsten dunst photographed by sofia coppola in the behind the scenes of marie antoinette c. 2006

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Magnolia tree and “be kind” by Alejandro G. Laureano

"be kind" was written on her grandpa’s handwriting.

Indelible Ink Tattoo, Eugene, OR

instagram: @alejvndrogl

Timestamp: 1408096586


Elliott Erwitt - Segregated Water Fountains, North Carolina (1950)

Timestamp: 1408096335


Casa Atrapa Vistas by LAND Arquitectos

Timestamp: 1407422466


Jeff Martinez  Carbonated  2013  oil on canvas

Timestamp: 1407419577