More than just Partners || Tiva [25-26|100]

Safe Harbor (NCIS 09x05) 

AU in which Tony just found out about the baby this morning and he’s worried about Ziva in the field. And even though she finds it adorable how worried he is about her, shes mildly annoyed. 

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He (Mike Flanagan) came to talk to me and he was wearing a t-shirt with matt smith’s face on it. And then, to his horror, Matt Smith joined us

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12 years.

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Acting is all about finding the truth within whatever world you’re in.

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● [1/5] favorite actresses ➞ karen gillan

We saw some amazing actresses for this part. But when Karen came through the door, the game was up — she was funny, clever, gorgeous and sexy. Or Scottish, which is the quick way of saying it. A generation of little girls will want to be her. And a generation of little boys will want them to be her too." - Steven Moffat

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“The director James Gunn calls me Hello Kitty offscreen and Clint Eastwood onscreen!”

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my life:

  • in the morning, i can’t wake up
  • in the night, i can’t sleep

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the best moment in any media involving super heroes ever

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